The Vision of Veva Gaming | Veva Gaming has 3 Goals.
  1. Promote underrated gamers and fund entree fees for online tournaments.
  2. Provide merchandise to our players, Personal discount codes, and Room for growth.
  3. Prove to our players that you don’t HAVE to be a professional gamer to take your gaming to the next level.

My name is Darvis Anderson, and I am a college student at Cal State Dominguez Hills and my intentions here is to show players we can all turn gaming into something bigger. I created Veva Gaming with the gaming community by rewarding roles to players online and building a foundations where players can promote each other contents, find players to compete with or scrimmage against, and to provide support by offering players chances to earn money and/or rewards by being loyal to the team. I created a pot with funds ONLY for VevaGaming, so our players will NEVER have to waste money from their own pockets.
We promote our players through Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. We upload videos of their highlights, take clips from their youtube channels, streams, or the team's discord channel and make a small montage to upload on our main channels and promote them through our story post for our fans to see. After players have earned there way to playing in sponsored tournaments, we fund them their entree fees and split any profit earned with these players costing them FREE OF CHARGE. OUR PLAYERS NEVER LOSE THEIR MONEY!
Making our players feel unique and apart from any other gaming clan, group, or organization is Veva Gaming main goal. Not only do we offer rewards for being apart of the family like personal discount codes, or unique merchandise at a low price for our players, but we also make you feel like your growing up and learning as we grow. This is why we setup a system to provide our players ways to become apart of the family and not JUST a players. We have people who are apart of the family to learn more about the gaming industry, how to better their skills and a designer and/or editor, or even how to improve leadership skills by becoming a team leader.
Veva Gaming overall goal is to let everybody know that you don't have to be LUCKY or RICH to have the opportunities like others. We understand the difficulties of having to go to school, not being able to have the time to get noticed by huge teams because of your work schedule, or even having the money to be a apart of an organization that offers incentives and rewards, BUT this is why I created Veva Gaming. To give opportunities and live-long.