1. How do I get a higher percent?
  • Here are some ways you can raise your code percentage:
    1. Promoting the use of your codes
    2. Streaming throughout the week while having on your Veva Gaming logo(s)
    3. Liking and commenting on our social media platforms
    4. Tournament participation (local or online)
    5. Tagging us on your posts
    6. Buying products from the store yourself
  • 10% is the starting discount for everyone. It will increase to 15%, 25%, 30%, and 40% over time depending on how much effort you put in. 40% is the maximum discount rate.
  • Percent will not decay at all. Anytime you want to ask for a percentage increase, let any leader know and we will get back to you right away.
2. How can I know what percent I am at?
  • Ask any of our leaders and they will get back to you with that information.

3. How do I get my videos uploaded and when do my videos get uploaded?

  • You can submit clips to us through Instagram, Discord, or this email: vevagamingclips@gmail.com

4. How do I get access to the Discord?

  • You must wait to have your application accepted to gain full access to our whole Veva Gaming Discord server at https://discord.gg/8DWT6Xt
5. How do I join tournaments?
  • Someone will contact you in the Discord chat. One of the leaders will direct message you with the details.

6. Where do I fill out an application?

  • Applications can be found in the welcome chat of our Discord server. Please follow this link to get there: https://discord.gg/8DWT6Xt
7. How do I know if my application was accepted?
  • Every Friday we will recruit a new member. People will also be accepted throughout the week if our leaders finish reviewing the applications that we receive.
8. Who are the leaders?
  • Our leaders are VG_Kidd989, VG_SxTreat, VG_Darvis, and VG_Donmck. Please contact them in the Discord server if you have any questions or concerns.
9. Do we have to stream?
  • Unless you signed up as an affiliate player and not a Veva player, you do not have to stream. If you did sign up as a Veva player, you must stream at least 3 times during the week on the streaming platform of your choosing. You must make sure your stream notifications are set up with VG_SxTreat in the Discord server.  
10. Do you have to send clips?
  • Yes, we require all players to send us clips. If you do not want to send in clips, you can help by promoting our store or anything Veva Gaming related.
11. Do we have to like and comment on social media posts?
  • Yes, we require all players to like our posts and comment at least once.
12. Do we have to talk in the Discord server?
  • No, you do not. It is highly recommended though so that you may gain new connections and grow your own network of gamers you know.
13. Do I have to follow your Twitter and Instagram?
  • Yes. This is the main way we support and grow each other and the community of gamers.

14. Difference between Affiliate player and Veva player?

  • Affiliate player
    1. 10% discount code and maxes out at 25%.
    2. They are allowed to be apart of other teams and clans while being apart of us.
  • Veva players
    1. fully upgrading their percent discount code
    2. Care packages with purchases
    3. Shoutouts and promotions to your gaming channel on our social media pages
    4. Priority auto hosting on our Twitch channel