VeVa Player discounts

VeVa Players

1. We will have different tier list for our discount rates (Affiliate and Veva players). Each player we’ll be able to upgrade their codes to higher percents overtime with dedication and commitment. Meaning, when you guys are streaming, posting clips, and going to tournaments, everyone will need to be representing Veva Gaming somehow. 

2. Each player will be provided their own customized discount code. These codes all start off with a 10 percent value. All codes start off equally with no exceptions, assuring all have equal chances to increase their own percentage. Meaning efforts shown going the extra mile for Veva Gaming will be handsomely rewarded with code percentage increases and free incentives from me. Codes will range from up to 50% off on top of free incentives, which the leaders will decide on who gets the reward(s). This will help rule out players who are not serious and highlight those committed in the organizations’ success. Each time your code is used, I will know what discount was used and will reward that person with a high discount on any item they want.

3. Players who are on another team is always Accepted! I even encourage everyone apart of Veva Gaming to expand everywhere. At the end of the day, my purpose is to help YOU GUYS GROW TOGETHER! That has been my dream since I was young and now I have the tools to create my own gaming organization. It’s my time to help the UNDERRATED gamers get some exposure!