VEVA Gaming MXX Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 87 keys

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What are the advantages of VEVA Gaming Keyboard ? 

Play more comfortably and effectively with the authentic feel of our Gateron switches and our oil-proof, wear-resistant fourth-generation organic coated keycaps. 

Play cooler and more colorfully with our 5000 series magnesium aluminum alloy cover, exposed switches, transparent switch covers and programmable, dazzling lighting functions. 

Play conveniently inside, outside, anywhere. With a total keyboard weight of only 650g (1 pound, 6.92 oz.) and the hot-plugging USB cable, you can take it anywhere. 

Play fearlessly with our dual-faced, fiberglass board and two Main Controller ICs. 

Technical Specifications 

Mechanical Switches Provide a Lifespan of 50 Million Clicks per Key 

Monochrome LED Backlight 

Space-grade Aluminum Cover 

Detachable, Gold-plated, Braided USB Keyboard Cable 

87 Keys 

N-Key Rollover 


  • Offering superior craftsmanship using a 5000 series magnesium aluminum alloy, MXX never compromises on its principles to provide products that combine the best in technology, function and creativity
  • With the customized Gateron transparent switches respected by players everywhere, and Rantopand's fourth generation organic coated keycaps, the keyboard is designed to greatly enhance the tactile experience. The keycaps are also oil-proof, wear-resistant and will not accumulate dust
  • With a total keyboard weight of only 650g (1 pound, 6.92 oz. excluding cable) and the hot-plugging USB cable, you can take it anywhere
  • With its minimal 87 character keyboard design, N-Key rollover and a 1 ms gaming-grade response speed, you get the advantage you need to maximize your playing and be consistently competitive
  • The adjustable active font light, operated through logical and intuitive key combinations, augments your play with a variety of exciting visual options

System Requirements 

  • Computer with Available USB 2.0 or 3.0 Port 
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP 


Package Include

1 * MXX Keyboard 
1 * Gold-plated USB Cable 
1 * Acrylic Orange Key Puller 
1 * Cable Tie 
1 * User Manual (Chinese Edition, English Edition via Email) 
1 * Rantopad Product Catalog